Wisdom practice

Being alive from the heart

The spirit kingdom is full of ideas, creativity and joie de vivre. Honesty is the foundation of any relationship to live in love here and now. The conscious recognition of the soul's task gives people back their basic trust. A basis of waking up is that the emotional worlds are revealed in all the diverse emotions.

Regular exchange to love, appreciate and perfect your own living space. It's a new inspiration every time. Strengthens your self-esteem in the group and opens new perspectives on life. It helps to bring order to your own emotional chaos and gives everyone the necessary confidence to sensitize their intuition. In situations that concern individuals, it opens up a different perspective to understand the topic.

In the current worldly situation, a rethink is required. That is why we no longer give JoyBeing seminars and SilenceIntense groups. Sonja Kessler can be reached via skype and telephone. Everyone finds inner freedom only in himself.​​​​