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I love myself TOTAL
Sonja Kessler is an intuition coach and teacher for positive self-education and self-motivation. On the basis of her own experiences, Sonja Kessler offers helpful tips in this guide on how to give your love power back more presence and thus strengthen the positive aspects of your environment. Because only in harmony with our fellow human beings are the conditions for your own happiness.

Sonja Kessler tells in her book about the adventure of life. She created her true happiness in the mirror ... then her soul prince approached her and new things revealed themselves.

It leads the reader through the emotional worlds locked in our society. Are you ready to dive step by step into your own life depth, to see through your own ego? Then you may look forward to the wonderful love worlds, which can be discovered in this book.

Author: Sonja Kessler
Illustrator: Jasmin Graf
Literareon at Utz-Verlag
ISBN number: 978-3-8316-1922-1
Order: online bookstores


Heartfelt happiness

The love from the heart brought Sonja and Christopher Kessler together. In the book, they describe the way they found the partnership depth. Realities of the physical and energetic love world are clearly shown to the reader.

As a spiritual teacher, Sonja Kessler reflects on ways in which a person finds a reasonlessly happy life. Christopher Kessler describes his independent gift development and how he could accept his diverse talent as a computer scientist.

God's power is unfathomable - exciting to experience it. The spiritual discoverer is put on the path of insight and insight.

Authors: Sonja & Christopher Kessler
Illustrator: Jasmin Graf
R.G. Fischer publishing house
ISBN number: 978-3-86455-719-4
Order: online bookstores