Heart couple

Sonja Kessler came to earth with a luminous soul in Frauenfeld. She spent her childhood and youth in Lustdorf on the ferme estate near the Lake Constance. On adventurous exploratory journeys through nature, she experienced true miracles that filled her deepest depths. With all her senses she explored her being and traveled through God's world.

In the natural environment she worked independently as a playgroup leader, qualified adult educator, Bach flower and focusing therapist and shamanic farmer. In addition, she accompanied the seriously ill and dying in the hospice. In doing so, she perceived a subtle diversity of energies, which inspired her to listen to herself even more carefully. She unfolded her compassionate experience in the family company in eastern Switzerland. Then a big change happened in her professional life as a wife and mother of six children.

As a result, her womanhood experienced a higher vibrating dimension. Their supernatural abilities allow them to travel in omnipresent light worlds. In the seclusion of Toggenburg, she discovered her strength in resonance with the seven Churfirsten. Despite having an untreated knee injury from childhood, she began to go on educational walks. At the same time, Sonja Kessler led a nature practice as a spiritual teacher and healer in order to joyfully reveal her deepened clarity. In her long-term study of profundity, she quietly explored the intuitive role behavior in social, societal and economic life.

She realized herself through writing and embodies the free feeling now in public. A divine gift from heart to heart are her richly blessed gifts, which she passes on in a relaxed manner. When doing soul-speaking, she transforms group energies and redeems them in love. Her honest, open and direct manner brings all truths to light in being together, which makes every mind sunny. Sonja Kessler works as a spiritual mentor and author.

Christopher Kessler was born with a joyful spirit on the German Baltic Sea in Flensburg. Through his near-natural childhood in Keelbekfeld, he recognized the value of simplicity early on. After graduating from high school, he traveled through Canada and experienced spontaneous intuition as an eternal companion. Then he moved to the south of Germany as a dual student to complete an apprenticeship as a systems computer scientist and study electrical engineering.

After completing his training, a profound transformation took place in his life. During this time he got to know Sonja Kessler personally. From one moment to the next his calling became evident to him. After five semesters, he prematurely finished his engineering studies to study pedagogy. So he emigrated to Eastern Switzerland and an inner liveliness full of possibilities opened up to him. From this he trained to become a heart teacher for networked thinking, feeling and acting. Christopher Kessler works as a spiritual administrator, computer scientist, author and freelance teacher.