S&C Kessler

Sonja Kessler came to earth with a luminous soul in Frauenfeld. She spent her childhood and youth in Lustdorf on the ferme estate near the Lake Constance. On adventurous exploratory journeys through nature, she experienced true miracles that filled her deepest depths. With all her senses she explored her being and traveled through God's world.

In the natural being she worked as a freelance playgroup leader, certified adult educator, motivation coach, visionary, healer, seer, family fairy and companion for the seriously ill and the dying. In doing so, she perceived a subtle energy diversity that inspired her to listen more attentively to herself.

Then a great change took place in her life as a woman and mother of six children. In the remoteness of Toggenburg, she discovered her power in resonance with the seven Churfirsten, to whom she made instructive wanderings. At the same time she led a nature practice with her spiritual woman/mother power, to unfold her deepened clarity with self-love. In her years of studying the profundity, she silently explored the intuitive role-playing.

Through writing she realized herself and embodied her richly blessed gifts. When doing from the heart, she experienced in public a variety of situations, which opened up redemptive truths. With the publishing of books began as a creative way mindful author and her to fulfilling giftedness gained depth. As a spiritual teacher, Sonja Kessler gives lectures and seminars.

Christopher Elias Nathanael Kessler was born with a joyful spirit on the German Baltic Sea in Flensburg. Through his natural childhood in Keelbekfeld, he soon recognized the value of simplicity. After graduation, he traveled through Canada and experienced the spontaneous intuition as an eternal companion. Then he moved as a dual student in the south of Germany to complete an education as a systems engineer and a degree in electrical engineering.

After completing the training, a profound transformation took place in his life. During this time he got to know Sonja Kessler personally. From one moment to the next his vocation showed itself to him. He finished his engineering studies prematurely after five semesters because it was absolutely out of tune for him. Thus, he emigrated to eastern Switzerland and it opened an inner vivacity full of possibilities. From this he developed into a heart teacher for networked thinking, feeling and acting. In the practice of wisdom, he works as an author, computer scientist and freelance teacher.