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As a mentor, Sonja Kessler strengthens people to boldly break their own boundaries. In being together with her, the individual, the couple and the family receive compassion and appreciation for their own existence.

Heart health customer - hourly rate CHF | EUR 120.- | Cash payment

Heart vision - experience value

P: The heart vision helps me to find motivation in a situation where it is no longer possible to continue working on yourself. With the help of Sonja Kessler you can see in the future that the emotional state will improve again.

J: It helps me in moments when I stand in line and don't know what to do. A heart vision gives me a new perspective, which strengthens my self-esteem and my confidence in life. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

R: It gives me a good feeling for myself where I am. Reveals an insight to me to walk my path more easily and also to promote my gifts.

C: Sometimes an end is in sight and the way reveals something new but also uncertainty. The heart vision brings new impulses and joie de vivre for the next stage of development.